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Excellent cotton jersey fabrics for over 25 years

We create EDENTEX® cotton jersey fabrics for nature lovers filled with respect for its power and beauty, who don’t like to separate from it with absolutely anything. EDENTEX® is the value in every detail. Timeless beauty, love and elegance, softness and strength in one.


Cotton fiber, as the most natural and closest to the people, from more than thousands of years is being used in clothes production. Thanks to cotton we can forget about any limits and enjoy instead what the nature gives to us. Feel the soil, water and sun. Savour its overwhelming patience, love and energy. These are the ingredients that the Earth uses to feed us with her fruits, including cotton.

You can benefit from its energy by wearing clothes made of EDENTEX® fabrics.


Style and comfort don’t need to exclude themselves. You don’t have to suffer in tight, inflexible, synthetic materials just to look good. Nicely wrapped up in EDENTEX® cotton fabrics you can enjoy their beauty and stay in harmony with nature all at once.

EDENTEX® fabrics are made for people who want to make the most from it. Thanks to the advanced technology of production and careful selection of cotton, EDENTEX® fabrics are exactly what your skin is looking for. At the same time you can admire the depth of colours and the charm that EDENTEX® fabrics will add to your clothes.


Unique elastic structure of EDENTEX® fabric will let you stay in a harmony with your clothes. Move freely, any way you want, without worrying about the fabric going back to where it was before.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do. Run, dance, exercise, work, rest. To each of these activities you need clothes that will guarantee the absolute comfort and freedom of movement. EDENTEX® fabrics will take care of your body with special care. Perfectly fitted, extremely airy and pleasantly smooth materials will make you feel good in your clothes always when you need it. Although exceptionally delicate and cozy, EDENTEX® fabrics are also durable and long-lasting.



True elegance is visible at first sight. When going for a walk in a hot, sunny day in your favourite blouse, wearing it even after many washings, running or doing yoga, it is impossible not to feel and notice the outstanding quality and durability of EDENTEX® fabrics. But to love your clothes you don’t even need to wear them.

Simply looking at them is enough. Thanks to EDENTEX BRIGHT COLOUR™ system each colour of EDENTEX® fabric is pure, bright, deeper and more intense. What is more important, it stays like this for a long time, regardless of what you are doing with your clothes.



Natural EDENTEX® cotton jersey fabrics are making a fashion revolution.

European designers are already creating trendy and stylish collections without giving up on natural materials. More and more are reaching out for EDENTEX® fabrics. Comfortable, long-lasting and pleasant to the touch. Exceptionally clear and radiant colours, making the fabrics delightful not only to the skin, but also to the eye. You can enjoy the true beauty coming straight from the nature as well and like many European quality designers trust EDENTEX® brand.



EDENTEX® cotton jersey fabrics are perfectly suitable for production of children and baby clothes. As well as for any kind of clothes, whenever comfort, resistance and beauty are valued and desired.

We make the highest effort to make sure that clothes made of EDENTEX® fabrics can be worn even by children with no worries about their delicate skin. First, we chose only soft and smooth high quality cotton that later will be a base for edentex®cotton yarn, used in all EDENTEX® materials. In their production only safe and tested technologies are allowed. Then we make sure that there is not even a bit of harmful substances in finished materials. All EDENTEX® fabrics are carefully tested, in accordance with the UE regulations, the way that it is absolutely certain that they meet all required standards. Moreover, each roll of fabric is properly certified which additionally proves their safety and quality.