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EDENTEX® was founded in Łódź in 1996 and since the beginning it has been supporting European clothes manufacturers with its materials and experience. Unprecedented quality of cotton fabrics and exceptional flexibility for customers’ needs granted to EDENTEX® an immediate appreciation and trust of top designers. Today, thanks to a cooperation with both well-known and beginning designers, EDENTEX® is being recognized in a whole Europe as a symbol of quality and competent service.

There are two reasons of EDENTEX®’s success: passion for beautiful and durable fabrics and love for cotton. Over the years EDENTEX® has worked out its own, unique methods used in production that are still being tested and improved. At the same time is always adjusting to the changeable fashion market and actively reacting to new trends and demands, regularly completing its storehouse. As a result, EDENTEX® keeps over 1000 colours of various materials in stock, ready to be shipped anytime. Moreover, EDENTEX® is manufacturing fabrics for special orders, including those with organic cotton.

EDENTEX® fabrics is a perfect combination of the best characteristics of high quality cotton with expectations of the most demanding European brands.