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True quality is visible at first sight. Even from the distance you can see outstanding properties of EDENTEX® fabrics, making them different from other materials. Their excellent quality is achieved thanks to the premium edentex®cotton yarn. Colours of EDENTEX® fabrics mean uncommon intensity, brilliance and natural glow of the fiber, created only thanks to the EDENTEX BRIGHT COLOUR™ system. These unique features make EDENTEX® fabrics attractive both for the eye and the heart.

Intensity and glamour of colours are related to the smooth surface of EDENTEX® fabrics. Thanks to unusually long fiber, used in production of edentex®cotton yarn, and their tight, parallel formation, EDENTEX® fabrics stay sleek and pleasantly soft even when worn a lot. In this way, colours keep their shade and glimmer, which makes the clothes look as if they came straight from the designer even a long time after that.

The most delightful, bright colours are only one element of the standard, carefully followed by the production of EDENTEX® fabrics.

The other features are:

  • refreshing breathability
  • amazing comfort of wearing
  • pleasant touch
  • instant drying, simple ironing
  • fresh, new look even after many washings
  • minimal shrinkage

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