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EDENTEX® decided to set completely new standard of fabrics.

To reach edentex®quality, an innovative approach was necessary. Excellent materials, apart from proper finishing, need using excellent yarn. This kind of yarn, however, requires only the finest fiber. In this way, with advanced technology of production and carefully selected cotton fiber, high quality edentex®cotton yarn was created. It is used for all EDENTEX® cotton fabrics. Constantly controlled knitting machines guarantee unusual  regularity and consistency of materials and their parameters.

Also, right finishing is important as well. Thanks to EDENTEX BRIGHT COLOUR™, a technology that includes unique selection of raw materials and procedures, brilliant and vivid shades of colours are achieved. Then, for delightfully soft touch and durability of fabrics, EDENTEX SOFT FINISHING™ was created.

Every innovation and special technology, as edentex®cotton, EDENTEX BRIGHT COLOUR™ or EDENTEX SOFT FINISHING™ are used in production of all EDENTEX® cotton fabrics as a standard.

With passion, care and patience, for 25 years now, EDENTEX® is doing his best to create excellent fabrics to make sure that the consumer’s satisfaction always comes first.