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We don’t measure it only by looking at technical parameters. For the greatest satisfaction a visible and noticeable final effect is needed. Thanks to a cooperation with demanding, quality brands we know exactly what the designers, who care about the smallest details, are looking for and what are the needs of the fashion industry.

The nature itself is an inspiration to work hard for the highest quality. EDENTEX® fabrics, by supporting European brands with its tradition of perfection, passes on this inspiration further.  In this way the clothes that people want to have and wear, with character and taste, are being created. In the international market quality of EDENTEX® fabrics is known as edentex®quality.

Main features of EDENTEX® fabrics are:

  • extra softness
  • perfect flexibility
  • deep and brilliant colours
  • superior colour fastness
  • high durability and tenacity
  • minimal shrinkage
  • pilling resistance
  • high recovery