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EDENTEX Cotton Yarn

EDENTEX® fabrics mean the most beautiful shades of colours, the softest touch and the highest durability of clothes. These characteristics would be impossible to achieve without premium yarn. This is why, thanks to advanced technology and careful selection of fiber, edentex®cotton yarn was created. Only the finest cotton and special methods of spinning allow to manufacture materials of the most regular, smoothest surface and other desired parameters. Thanks to using the edentex®cotton yarn the whole process of EDENTEX® fabrics production takes place in Europe and every single stage of it is certified, not only the final product.

Edentex®cotton yarn is used for all EDENTEX® cotton jersey fabrics and is characterised by:

  • exceptionally long fiber
  • better pigment absorption
  • higher light reflection
  • tight, parallel formation of fiber
  • unique texture permitting air circulation